APRIL 29 2014

Kiko Loureiro finishes the Asia tour

Kiko Loureiro is finishing the guitar clinic tour in Asia promoted by Ibanez Guitars. The musician visited many countries to present the two signature models - KIKO100 and KIKO10P. He talked to many fans during the clinics, shared information about his solo career and Angra, guitar techniques and the news about the music market in Brazil and worldwide.

During the tour, Kiko Loureiro recorded four videos for Brazilian fans talking about the events along the trip.

Next week, he will be in Brazil to continue the “Angels Cry – 20th Anniversary Tour” with Angra.
All the tour dates are available here -





MARCH 01 2014

kiko loureiro will perform guitar clinics in asia

From 16 to 28 April, Kiko Loureiro will be performing a series of guitar clinics throughout some cities in Asia promoted by Ibanez. It will be a great opportunity to present the signature models - KIKO 100 and KIKO 10P - and talk to the fans about the solo career, how to improve their abilities on their instruments, motivation to reach your goals, creativity, composition, guitar techniques, among many other things.

Tour dates:


JANUARY 31 2014

Angra to return on stage in March

Kiko Loureiro, Rafael Bittencourt, Felipe Andreoli, Ricardo Confessori and Fabio Lione will be back on stage in March for a series of concerts in Brazil and abroad.  The band has ten shows scheduled by now with Lione as guest vocalist.
After finishing the tour they will start to compose new songs for the next album.

Check out the tour dates here:

JANUARY 19 2014

Kiko Loureiro announces the Ibanez signature at The NAMM Show

Kiko Loureiro, Jake Bowen of Periphery and Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders will be interviewed in a press conference together to announce and introduce their Ibanez signature models.
The musicians will talk about their specific guitars, how they came about, their experiences with Ibanez, and many other things.

Place: The NAMM Show – Hoshino Booth 4634 (Hall C)
Time: 12:15 pm on Friday, Jan. 24th

The NAMM Show


DECEMBER 19 2013

kiko loureiro to attend randy rhoads tribute

RRR creator Brian Tichy recently took a break from attempting to learn some Randy licks from his live solo and said, "Last week we had a great time hanging and jamming at Randy's sister Kathy's D'Argenzio Winery, as well as Brent Woods and I going to Randy's Mausoleum and paying respect on his birthday, by hanging with some cool Randy fans and playing Dee. Now I am beyond excited to finally announce some of the best guitar players in the world coming together to celebrate Randy Rhoads; a guitarist who set the bar, inspired us all, was taken away far too soon, yet left such a huge mark on the world of rock guitar that he will never be forgotten! This lineup includes a myriad of insane talent, charisma, feel, technique and passion! Some of the guitarists confirmed are huge Randy fans while others influenced Randy himself! Some have studied with Randy while others have actually filled his shoes! But more importantly, all of them are badasses!   We also welcome our buds Phil Soussan on bass and Neil Turbin on vocals! The show should have been called "A Festival Of Badasses!" I want to thank the guitarists as well as the amazing Very Special Guests for jumping aboard the Rhoads Train with complete enthusiasm! The house band, dubbed "The Madmen" is now also complete!  Without musicians like this coming together with a strong passion, this show wouldn't happen! You can read it all in their quotes below! Long Live Randy Rhoads!"

Confirmed Guitarists:

Kiko Loureiro (Angra)
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)
Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme/Rihanna)
Phil Demmel (Machine Head)
Brad Gillis (Night Ranger)
Tracii Guns
Rowan Robertson (Dio)
Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions/Electric Sun)
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses)
Brent Woods (The Moby Dicks/Vince Neil)  

And many more to come!!  

Very Special Guests:

Kelle Rhoads (vox)
Phil Soussan (Big Noize/Ozzy Osbourne) bass
Neil Turbin (Deathriders/Anthrax) vocals

The Madmen:

Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham's Led Zep Exp./The Moby Dicks) keys
Robert Mason (Warrant/Lynch Mob/Ozzy Osbourne) vox
Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot/Whitesnake) bass
Brian Tichy (S.U.N./Whitesnake/Foreigner/Ozzy Osbourne)

Youtube clips: 

Tichy and Woods performing "Dee" amongst Randy fans at the Rhoads Mausoleum on Randy's birthday Dec. 6th.   

Tichy, Woods, and Soussan perform "Goodbye To Romance" at Kathy Rhoads D'Argenzio's Randy Rhoads celebration at her and husband Richard's wine room on Sat. Dec 7th.   

Tichy plays "Dee": 

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Musician Quotes:

"Randy is one of The most influential people of my entire life. It's a total honor to be asked to take part in RRR1. God Bless Randy."

~Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)

"Watching Randy at 10am in the Oakland coliseum was my 1st concert experience and it was life changing. It made me want to not only play guitar, but to perform with passion and emotion. I'm beyond honored to be part of this celebration of a true legend and an immense inspiration." 

~ Phil Demmel (Machine Head)

"Randy entered my soul like a lightning bolt and has remained there throughout my life. He was like a magician but it was all real."

~Tracii Guns

"I remember first hearing Crazy Train (and the rest of "Blizzard of Ozz") on my brother's cassette boombox soon after it came out. The new Ozzy! It was as though everything cool and metal had been reborn. Randy was an electric shock to rock; music for teenage boys was about music again, we had to try to learn what he did. I'm incredibly excited to be a part of this tribute to Randy Rhoads, like the Bonzo tributes before, I know the love will be genuine and the spotlight on the memory of a legend." 

~Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham Led Zep Exp./The Moby Dicks)

"Randy is one of the most amazing virtuosos of all times. His unique, personal style and his fearless melodic approach caught my attention when I was discovering the electric guitar. I have spent many days in my teenage years trying to figure out how to play his awesome solos and riffs.  I am excited and honored to be invited to join the incredible line-up of guitar players on “Randy Rhoads Remembered," each of us getting up on stage to pay tribute to a great guitar player that is a source of inspiration to generations of musicians."

~Kiko Loureiro (Angra)

“I first really heard Randy’s playing in the Winter of ’81; a cassette of Blizzard playing through a shitty tape deck in a school bus (our driver was cool!) All that night I couldn’t get those songs out of my head….what he did with a guitar changed me.  We bought advance tickets for the Madison Square Garden Diary Tour show in ’82, but sadly it was just days after Randy had passed. Flash forward to 1995; Sharon calls me and asks if I’d join the band on the Ozzmosis World Tour- are you kidding me?!  I spent the next 11 months as the first ever live background vocalist in the Ozzy band…a dream realized, for the kid at the back of the bus. “ 

~Robert Mason  (Lynch Mob/ Ozzy Osbourne/ Cry Of Love/ Warrant)

Throughout the history guitar playing, there have been the undisputed masters of different genres. When it comes to the the nineteen eighties sound of hard rock guitar, in my mind, the two colossi have to be Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads. They did it better than the rest. Everyone has their corner and their mark of brilliance, but have to be, in my mind, relegated to 'best of the rest.' What I do, and so many others like me do, Randy wrote the book on, and showed us the way.

~Rowan Robertson (Dio/ DC4)

"There are some guitar players who play and some who play well, and then there are some that just have a sound. You can sort of copy it but no-one can really duplicate it; the Kossofs, the Becks and Pages, the Ronsons and the Mays. The first time I heard Randy he had that sound - it was like a unique instrument, and his melodic playing was everything that excited me about rock music, everything that made you want to pick up and play the electric guitar. To me he represented the evolution of the 70’s glam guitar hero to the rock guitar icon of metal. When I first started playing with Ozzy we naturally pulled a lot of material from the first two albums, as we only had the four albums to pick from. Whenever we played songs from "Diary" and "Blizzard" I would get this chill; like with the heat of the lights, power and adrenaline of the shows I would almost imagine that Randy was there playing with us - it was absolutely electric. I’d look around and almost feel like I might see him on stage, although I knew it was really only the power and legacy of his music that was making me feel that way. It was so strong - so eerie, like I was in a haunted house, but in a good way.   I would have loved to have performed with Randy"

~Phil Soussan  (Ozzy Osbourne/ Billy Idol/ Big Noize)

"Randy's approach to fusing classical music with heavy metal was so unique. I studied his playing like mad. Even his gear – I was reading all the magazines to see what he used, and I bought my first Marshall amp because that's what he played through.  Randy was definitely an early guitar hero of mine. He was unlike anybody around at the time. He played with such fire, grace and intelligence. Randy Rhoads' playing still stuns me."

~Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses)

"I met Randy Rhoads with Ozzy Osbourne August 14, 1981 at Nassau Coliseum in NY. Def Leppard was opening.  My girlfriend worked for Leber-Krebs who was Def Leppard's management.  I was in their dressing room with my GF before Def Leppard arrived. DL got settled in the room said hello straight away. They were all cool, friendly and humble guys.  The next thing I noticed was these off the chart super hot girls that the band brought with them.  It looked like half of 12 months of the Playboy calendar showing up in the room.  As we were hanging out, in walked Ozzy and Randy introducing themselves to everyone.  I was blown away that just happened. How does a kid from Queens get the chance to meet the amazing Randy Rhoads and Ozzy too!  It was an incredible evening and experience which I remember well. I brought my cassette tape recorder and remember Def Leppard were good that night. Then came Blizzard of Ozz with Randy Rhoads. When Randy hit the stage with Ozzy it was a sight to behold.  He had this incredible stage presence and great unique heavy metal style. As they started to play their first song, "I Don't Know," the crowd went apeshit. When Randy played the pinch harmonics and they bounced off the roof of the Nassau Coliseum it sounded like Zeus came down from the heavens with lightning and thunder.  Then Randy played these super shredding speedy licks within the nuances of the song.  It was like he was shooting lightning bolts from his guitar.  His guitar tone and playing on his signature 1974 Gibson Les Paul was so on fucking fire.  Randy blew everyones doors off and the band was tight as fuck and killed it hard. Ozzy was at his peak. I will never forget it.  It made a huge impression and impact on how I approached music and singing.  It was one of the coolest moments I can ever remember.  A total game changer.  Good thing I still have the cassette tape of it.  I was compelled to buy one of the Randy Rhoads signature Les Pauls 1974 Reissue VOS.  Randy's tone and pinch harmonics were some of the best things I've ever heard come from a guitar ever.  That was some serious next level Holy Shit. I am extremely honored and super stoked to be part of the Randy Rhoads Remembered Event that honors the late great pioneer of shred guitar Randy Rhoads. \m/>

~Neil Turbin (DeathRiders, Anthrax)